Castle Coatings Inc
For all of your painting needs

Interior and Exterior Residential painting
                    At Castle Coatings we believe that the paint job is only as good as the preperation that comes before.  That is why we have systems in place that will provide the best paint job the customer wants.  We have enough experience to know when to follow the directions on the back of the can and when to use the knowledge we gained 10 years ago .   We make sure to cover everything where ever we are working to make sure paint does not go where it is not wanted. We handle every size of painting project you can think of.  We have painted 10,000 sq ft homes; from the ceiling to the floors.  We have painted small coat closets for our customer during their spring cleaning.  We specialize in reaching those areas where other can't or don't want to go.  We have the best and latest tools, along with experienced painters,  to make sure we are providing our customers with the best job possible.  We will always anwer every question with utmost honesty.   We are only as good as our latest customer thinks, so we strive to make sure all of our customers are happy.  We are a no pressure sales company.  If you have any questions abount painting, no matter who is doing the project, send us an e-mail or call!

Commercial work and New Construction

                    We understand that  jobs are bid to be brought in on time, on budget, and with no call backs.   Efficiency is the key to meeting these  needs.   We have leaders  specializing in their own niche;  paint and stain trim finishing, commercial paper hanging, prep and masking, and of course, painting.  We have multiple systems that allow us to work with any construction style .  All of our crew leaders understand that communication is important when working on these time sensitive projects .  We never sacrifice quality to save money or time.    We have ladders,scaffolding, and spray pumps that can push almost anything....really.  We have the tools and know how to handle any situation that is thrown at us.

 Industrial / Floor Coatings

                     The epoxy and urethane coatings that were once only found in factories are now making there way into  the main stream.  Epoxy floors with vinyl fleck,  painting that rusty wrought iron to beautiful new luster;  preperation is the key to making any coatings project work.  We know what is takes to protect your most hostile coating enviroments.  Give us a call and we can write the spec our selves or if needed we can bring in the manufacturing reps. 
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