Castle Coatings Inc
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Fully Insured
            This is probably the most important yet most overlooked aspect of any construction or trade you invite onto your project.  At Castle Coatings,  We carry a million dollar liablity policy to make sure all of our customers are protected against personal loss from property damages or law suits from  personal injury while we are hired on the job.  Remember that if an uninsured person is working on your property you are liable no matter whose fault it is.  Its not worth the risk!  Dont be afraid to ask for copies of the Insurances!
            We  also carry work comp insurance to make sure our people will be taken care of if they are hurt on one of our projects.  We focus on creating a safe work enviroment and through  weekly safety meetings, on the job training, and lots of God watching over us we have an exemplarary no injury record.

             Insurance is just one more way of how we take care of our customers.  Our bid may be a bit bigger but your only worry will be if you like the colors you picked.  Because,  we are fully insured!
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